The degree program has broadened my understanding and I have found it very useful in my area of work. Professor Jennifer Schneider was very encouraging and that motivated me a lot during my studies.
George OukoKenya
Studying with WIU was a rewarding experience. I was guided to deepen my understanding of my area of expertise and make valuable use of my experience in my field of work in education in the Middle East.
Faiza Abdul Qayyum SiddiquiSaudi Arabia
What WIU offers few other universities do; great assistance, great follow up, great team and great fees. Thank you very much for what you've offered, I am really grateful.
Dr. Ahmad Abdul HadiLebanon
I am very satisfied with the program which perfectly suited my very hectic schedule as a Student Affairs executive. It was a great and fruitful learning experience.
Dr. Munketh TahaUnited Arab Emirates
My classification level went up - I am now holding a supervisory position and have a brand new office. I thank WIU a lot. Soon I will initiate my master's degree.
Jacinto LourencoUSA
The flexibility of the Ph.D. program enabled me to study conveniently and without deadlines. A special thank you goes to Dr. Michael Busler, who has often and patiently guided me throughout the dissertation.
Jared BogonkoKenya
I have enjoyed studying with WIU immensely. I had a very supportive professor who helped me with my questions. I am satisfied with WIU.
Ojwal DhurandharSaudi Arabia

Among our graduates we have:
The president of an African Country, a deputy cabinet minister, multi-millionaire businessmen, a high court judge, a post master general, many politicians and activists.

We teach creative thinking, new development, trends and ideas, instead of confined, regimented old style education!

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Earn a Prestigious, Legitimate, Globally Respected Washington International University Degree

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Yil Karademir

Our standards and teaching methods were designed to bring quality distance education to all adults living in every corner of this world. Giving every individual, no matter where they are living an opportunity to better themselves through Washington International University education without leaving their home.

At WIU we offer an exclusive "academic credit for work experience" based curriculum formulated to overcome the work - family - advancing age - tuition obstacles and obligations most adult students face in the real in the world.

It works!

I look forward to the day you will graduate from Washington International University, and put the knowledge gained to good use for yourself and your community.

Yil Karademir
Founder of WIU

About the University

WIU is not a traditional university. We do not teach many centuries old dull, confined and regimented ways to educate our students. We open minds, we make creative thinking possible! We proudly boast that in 19 short years, a President, a Deputy Cabinet Minister, multi-millionaire businessmen, many politicians and other important people are among our graduates. We are doing something right...

If this type of education is what you want, please keep on reading.

WIU is an independent distance education university for adults only. Established in 1994 with students and graduates in 149 countries. Our faculty on average has 10 years of distance education experience.

WIU degree programs are designed with the needs of the universal student in mind and not for any one country or region of the world.

Graduates are employed by business, industry, international firms, United Nations and governments around the world.

Washington International University is a member of the prestigious International Council For Adult Education (ICAE) in the USA is a full member of The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL).


Besides providing you with new knowledge, our objective is to increase your communication skills. As an adult, the art of putting ideas across effectively, articulately and in a short period of time is important for your success. Therefore, book reports and research papers are required instead of exams as evidence of mastery of the subject matter.

At Washington International University, we are concerned with what you know, not how well you memorize!

How Does Distance Education Work?

1 - After enrollment we send you the study material and the guidelines to write book reports and research papers and assign a personal professor to you. He/she will be your mentor.

2 - You study your books and communicate with your mentor for advice and guidance.

3 - You write book reports and a research paper under the supervision of your mentor.

4 - When your mentor recommends you to the university for graduation, you receive your degree.

Now, please click on the "Course Description and Tuition". Select the degree program you want and then click on the "Online Application" you prefer to complete.

We look forward to your enrollment today!