What The Graduates Are Saying

"My Degree Program was extremely enlightening in may aspects, chief among them being up-to-date content as well as innovative tutoring style. Even before the actual Degree arrived, the qualifications had already enhanced my profile at work as wells as career progressions in my current position. For this I am thankful to Washington International University."

-Paul K. Angatia

"It's great. I have received my degree. Believe me I am very happy and feeling more confidence about my future planning... I really like to thank Mr. James Doe my advisor for his nice and encouraging comments about book reports and my research. It's very good education system whenever and how you want you can study. Most of the time me and my children studying together. It's education with fun."

-Nazimuddin Ayazuddin Shaikh
United Arab Emirates

"WIU education is affordable and has given me confidence and recognition by colleagues, institutions and organizations which when I approach them for consultancy services they respond positively. It has given me a Name, Honor and Dignity among colleagues... The education from WIU has raised my self esteem and motivated me so much that I am planning to enroll for my Ph.D. in Counseling soon. The education has prepared me to face challenges."

-Agnes W. Karuga

"I have received my Doctoral Degree Certificate. It was a moment of utmost delight and happiness for me and family since it had been a my long cherished wish. W.I.U. has helped me to fulfill my dream... I am sure that the experience and information received by this research and reading will help me to guide and lead my students and teachers towards a better life.

It was a wonderful experience to work under my guide Prof. Dennis Stiles, who never failed to respond to my queries. His way of analysis, prompt response, brief and to the point instructions, vast knowledge in the subject, etc. have impressed me... I extend thanks to all officials of W.I.U. for their prompt and very supportive as well as encouraging attitude towards me."

- E.K. Mohammed Shaffe
Saudi Arabia

"This program was very convenient as I could choose the study time without giving up my working hours.

This degree program prepared me for managerial positions in small businesses as well in larger multinational firms. It has equipped me with knowledge that will open the door to many different and highly demanded career paths... It has helped me in the enhancement of leadership skills as well as in acquiring the skills of handling business situations by offering the opportunity to lead teams, gain knowledge of business leadership and be an influential leader.

The MBA program was the passport to my successful career."

-Najibe El-Omari

"As to the questions how beneficial was my degree program, I can safely say that it made me think and exercised my research and editing skills considerably... Best wishes for the future of the University which, I feel, is performing an exemplary job in the provision of degree studies by distance learning."

-Gerald Lomas
New Zealand

"Regarding the benefit of my degree program, I believe it is a major milestone in my life that would definitely improve my management skills/perspective on global hospitality tourism management. I will positively introduce the WIU to all my fellow colleagues who want to upgrade themselves."

-Wendy Wong Pei Ying

"I take this opportunity to thank all of your academic and administrative staff for the wonderful cooperation and support to get my degree in Engineering. I really enjoyed to study with WIU. Sincerely appreciate my professor James Doe who has been a change to my life now... Since my completion I had many opportunities and now I joined a Multinational Organization and I get salary four times more than before."

-Bijumon Joykutty
United Arab Emirates

"I am very happy to receive the degree certificate in short time. I deeply appreciate the prestigious Washington International University that provided the best qualify of education."

-Chung Der Hwa

"I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of my degree certificate and transcript. I was over-whelmed with joy. Indeed it was a proud moment in my life... I would also like to express my deepest sense of gratitude to my advisor Dr. Michael Busler for his support and guidance in completing my course of studies leading to an award of Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management. The degree had a tremendous impact on my job and social life. I was elected chairman, NOGYA. Once again I thank the entire staff of W.I.U. for their guidance and support during my study.

-Joseph Tabor Wajah

"I received my degree with integrity and professionalism in your school with all my heart for my hard work in my studies and learn in both ways. My degree program is beneficial with complete modules during my studies to enhance my professional growth specially in my career presently."

-Abdurahman Abubaker Basri

"It is also a pleasure to let you know that after finishing my MBA in Finance I could get a new job at the most referenced telecommunication company in my country. I got a very good position now managing the importing section. My salary also got increased... I can't finish this note without expressing my entire gratitude to Mrs. Lori Grady and Mr. Michael Busler. They were admirable advisers during my BBA-MBA studies. They really taught me the direction I should follow to finish my work and pointed out my reporting strengths when I needed it."

-Jose Fernando Garcia

"I am very satisfied with the program. I concentrated on the topic of my choice and I could study the issues I was interested in when I ha time to do that... My study was a great and memorable experience for me. I am sure that it will prove useful in my future career."

-Katarzyna Zaremba

"My family and I were very excited to be part of an academic institution like WIU."

-Immaculate Chepkonga-Chipi

"I had been pondering over the years how to achieve this goal (of a Ph.D. in Business Administration), considering my full-time engagement both as part-time Lecturer and Economic and Cultural Assistant... WIU was the way... and most effective Institution of Learning and Distance of our modern time. The method of tackling the learning process, directing and valuable suggestions and guidance... led me to performing at a superior level, for I became each time curious, enthusiastic and motivated to search for the required material. The general strength of the supervisor lies in the technique of creating the right environment and motivation through proper guidance, for research and learning. I think that is the biggest secret of the WIU tutors and supervisors!"

- Foday M. Kallon
Sierra Leone

"I am very much pleased regarding my degree; you are really wise and positive, stand for those dreamers in need of knowledge and wisdom and promote their standard of living. Your teaching methodology, fast response and constructive comment, punctuality is one of your qualities; you are also with experienced professionals that make the University famous. I appreciate you, being a root for my future life. Now I have the energy to knock the door; and the ability to stand with others in this competitive world."

-Asrat Emiru Abesha

"I take this opportunity to thank the faculty for their co-ordination and communication. My sincere thanks to my advisor professor Dennis Stiles for his encouragement and proper guidance throughout my degree programme. I strongly feel that this degree is going to benefit me in my career. 'Another pathway to further success in my life'."

-Kanchan Dilip Bijlani

"I am proud to be part of the Washington International University Alumni and will not hesitate to be one of your ambassadors in Africa. The qualification has already earned me respect from my friends, subordinates and superiors... Once again, let me take this opportunity to thank all those who were involved in my studies and the university for assisting me realize my goal... I am more that grateful that I have completed my studies. I am also grateful to Professor Busler for his guidance throughout my studies. I will not hesitate to recommend friends and relatives to enroll with the University."

-B.E. Ndungu

"I was overjoyed. "A proud moment in ones life" rightly as you put it. Thanks, I received everything safely as listed by you. I am still celebrating with my family on this achievement. I know I am indebted to many of you who graciously guided me to the end."

-Baldwin Egbert Shuma

"I received my diploma yesterday. My husband and I, together with my schoolmates were all so happy and overwhelmed by the joy it brought us... Please convey my sincere gratefulness and gratitude to your good university and may God bless you all for giving lots of people a chance like this. I never knew the joy that I am going to experience after this moment. I thought years of teaching is all I will ever achieve but then the diploma is the best and the icing on the cake. Again, thank you very much."

-Alona Layosa Hajahmad
Saudi Arabia

"Indeed I am overwhelmed with joy for this great achievement in my life and it makes me proud to share this moment with all of you who made it possible, especially my mentor Professor James Doe... My degree programme brought a lot of academic challenges in my life and now having successfully accomplished the studies I feel I have acquired a lot in the fields of knowledge and skills."

-Ochienghs Paddy Spencer

"WIU program was very beneficial and important in my professional life. Since I had my degree, I was promoted to a higher position with more responsibilities."

-Omar Murad

"My Ph.D. gave me confidence, determination and opportunity to expose my professionalism in the area of child protection and sustainable development. I have now set up a qualify school for children... I have made strategic alliance with people in developed countries to support children in poverty stricken areas in Africa... I have no regrets, no self-pity and no sentimentality on my choice of doing a Ph.D. with WIU. I totally believe and am convinced beyond doubt that I made the best life choice."

-James Kimera Ssekiwanuka

"The distance learning approach was creative, flexible and support my personal goals, it is ideal for workers regardless of where they are located.

It gives me great pleasure to write about my instructor Ms. Jennifer Schneider, who guide my study and ensure there are no gap in my knowledge, reviewed the vital information in my reports, advised me to use different tools and techniques in writing the report or the research, from a professional point of view. She has an open mind and is consistently seeking to improve the knowledge of the student.

I have very much enjoyed my time studying and preparing the reports and particularly working on the research project... My future plan will continue Ph.D. in Healthcare Management an it was a true pleasure to study in WIU."

-Eman Darwish
Saudi Arabia

"I would like to thank the trustees of the Washington International University for providing an enabling environment in which distance learning student from as far as the remote part of Africa can acquire distinguished and prestigious degrees while working... When I look back at the skills and knowledge that I have acquired at WIU thus far and I reflect on the impact it has had on my life so far all I can say is thank you WIU fraternity for making me to be self-confident in life and more importantly for broadening my mind."

-Andrew Kipkoech Rono

"Thank you for the great opportunity you have given me. The diploma I got from Washington International University is a priceless material which only perseverance and great determination can achieve. Being one of the students of Professor Dennis Stiles, I am proud that I was able to breakthrough the hardships of studying on my own."

-Eng. Rolando R. Bulatao
Saudi Arabia

"I wish to indicate that pursuing this course was inspiring, demanding and very challenging to me. It was an eye opener. I have developed a critical, analytical and practical approach to issues. Now I have an affinity of wanting to read more and understand the direction the world is moving in the area of human resource management and its contribution in an organization in the ever changing and very competitive world.

Once again, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to pursue this course."

- EphraimWainaina Mungai

"This program has educated me beyond boundaries. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I have gathered information that are valuable and will benefit me as I strive for higher education, and improving my performance in the work force... I am proud to have studied at WIU."

-Dorreth Ramsay-Johnson

"I must admit and acknowledge one aspect Prof. Stiles is a real professional: I am not used to have professors going through papers and evaluating them in a very short period. You always get detailed responses, out of which, you can learn a lot and upgrade yourself. Thank you very much."

-Manorma Soeknandan

"I thank all the staff of WIU for opening doors for quality education that has changed many lives around the world. My special thanks to Professor Jennifer Schneider for guiding me on my degree program. The knowledge that I received from WIU let me feel much more confident to overcome barriers from the past few years. I'm proud of being a graduate by WIU and I encourage my friends do not hesitate to contact WIU because here your dream becomes true."

-Sebastiao Pambo

"I was very happy as I shared the success with my family. The knowledge and skills I acquired have provided me with a very positive approach to the healthcare issues related to my country Kenya... I hope to pursue a Ph.D. degree in future and I will enroll at W.I.U. once again."

-Winnie W. Gathecha

"After so many years, I have made my dream to complete my education to come true. That seemed to be possible for me when I realized that I can go through WIU's accelerated program to save time... The information gained through this program is reflected in my performance and my way of thinking, taking decisions and advising my superiors. This is expected to have a prosperous impact on my career.

-Naglaa El Bahaie
Saudi Arabia

"How excited I am to know that Washington International University has awarded me a degree of Civil Engineering. I am thankful to Prof. James B. Doe for his enlightening useful suggestions concerning my degree programme. I am indeed grateful to all of you for the trouble you have taken for me.

I do mention the invaluable contributions made by the members of Washington International University faculty and staff in shaping the prospective engineers and infusing in them all the required qualities, by virtue of which they would stand out and shine."

-Khurshid Hussain Wani
Saudi Arabia

"I am confident that this degree is going to be a great help to me in my profession. It is a major milestone in my life. I take this opportunity to thank you all for the encouragement and services rendered through the course."

-Mohamed Shaheer

"Once again I would like to sincerely thank my personal instructors and the Academic offices at the University for guiding me and making my dream come true. The university has made a big difference in my life and I am heavily indebted to the University for allowing me to foster my career to greater heights with this acquired knowledge. This will assist and complement my banking experience to drive me into the challenging world of finance with confidence and wisdom."

-Kalpesh Kumar V.J.

"Received my Degree certificates in Safety Engineering... I was amazed when I received it. My colleagues all congratulated me for this wonderful achievement. I extremely thank you and all the faculties in WIU. My sincere thanks to Mr. James Doe for his advise and line of direction... Regarding the course, it is wonderful and extremely useful for the students. Although it is a self study course, the materials you supplied for the course are great worth... It's a great moment in my like and I hope that this Degree will take me to new achievements."

-M.K. Arunachalam

"It has been a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to be part of this magical fraternity. The value added by WIU to my life in making me attain a strength to a turning point in my life is beyond any description that I can make in English, but only possible in my mother-tongue. Thank you all for making it possible for me to attain the degree of my dream with distinctions. People around me and the organization that I work for have started to realize my existence despite all those years of work experience and diploma certificates that I have accrued in past years. I'm now confidently prospecting for greener pastures!

My special Thanks to Prof Tom Szczurek who guided me and gave me space in working on my work and at the end appreciated the effort that I had put in my work. I must mention with fond appreciation the assistance that I got from Janette who in the last session of my qualification kept me abreast with my mails , assisted and replied promptly and with concern. Thank you Mrs. Deal for your facilitation in making my degree be availed to me safely and the kind words of courage...

I feel proud to be a member of the Alumni and will always be part of WIU."

- Ali Mohamed Adan

"Indeed this is a proud moment and truly, earning this BS Degree in Civil Engineering is most useful in enhancing my future career endeavor."

- K. Sundaram

"I want to express how much Washington International University in particular my advisor Professor Thomas Szczurk for his guidance and support throughout the whole process have meant to me and how they have changed my life. The more I learned, the more I realized this is what I really want to do. By the time of my Graduation, I felt this could be my profession."

-Nunes Pires

"My degree program Doctor of Philosophy in Business in Information Systems Management… would definitely improve my IT skills through gaining a lot of knowledge and being enlightened to new topics within studying my Ph.D. degree. I sincerely appreciate my professor Michael Busler who has helped me a lot and guided me for how to schedule my time to be effective in achieving my target particularly since I’m working as an IT Manager and my time is very stretched. I really enjoyed to study with WIU and I would recommend this program to all the ambitious IT specialists who are interested to upgrade their IT skills."

-Mamdouh Abe El Moneim