Mission Statement

Worldwide Non-Traditional Education

A Dream Realized....

Washington International University was founded in December 1994. With the coming of the Internet, global access to fax, high speed telecommunication and quick delivery by courier firms, a group of educators and businessmen came to the conclusion that the time had arrived to make American higher education, through non-campus, distance learning with no residency requirement available to adult learners worldwide.

Taking into consideration two key factors was the focus in the development of a new and important higher education system. The first factor was the realities of the global village: different approaches to mental discipline, diversity of culture and beliefs, effects of religion in business and technical thinking, coupled with limited financial resources and limited research facilities, in some countries. The second factor was an adult learner’s obligations to his/her employment, family and social life.

Using as a guideline the American Council of Education, Council of Adult Experimental Learning and the United States INS equivalency of degree requirements, the result was a new and revolutionary non-traditional system that would provide an effective education and improve skills at an affordable tuition.

Work experience would be used as academic credit and professional knowledge and special training obtained at the work place would be enriched by teaching current developments and trends. In order to develop communication skills and self confidence that is needed at the work place, book reports and research papers replaced traditional exams as proof of knowledge of the subject matter.

Today, a fine American faculty armed with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees and experienced in teaching to an international body – provide effective distance education to thousands of students around the world and in the USA. When you read the “What The Graduates Are Saying” section of the booklet, you will understand how the feelings of WIU graduates truly reflect and capture the essence of what was just an idea in the fall of 1994.

The Communications Building Went Into Service On November 20, 2000.

Two floors of new, high tech, office space, complete with state of the art computer and telecommunications equipment to serve our students better and faster.

University's George Washington portrait collection.

Advantages of Getting Your Degree From Washington International University

Part of the Doctorate thesis display done by W.I.U. graduates.
  1. Distinguished faculty.
  2. An excellent educational program designed to build on “your past experience and knowledge” that will lead to a degree.
  3. Credit for work experience.
  4. Work while you earn your degree.
  5. No classroom attendance.
  6. You decide when to study.
  7. “One on one” Faculty Advisors will guide you every step of the way.
  8. WIU ON-LINE LIBRARY available through the Internet.
  9. Faculty will be as close as your mail box, fax machine or computer.
  10. Economical “fixed tuition” for all degree programs.
  11. No registration fee.

Communication - Academic And Business Affairs

Highly trained staff is the KEY communication link between Washington International University professors and the students. The efficiency of the staff allows smooth and prompt passage of the information from one end to the other.

Our staff is likened to a finely tuned orchestra. We can proudly say, WIU professors and a student body which spread across 148 countries around the world, communicate fast and quickly thanks to the efficiency of office staff.

Study Time And Curriculum Change

All degree programs are designed to be completed in one year. However as an adult student you may need extra time. You can extend your study time up to fifteen months by sending a written request. However after this period a $300.00 late study fee will be required. This payment will give you an extra six months of study time.

Accelerated Degree Program

After enrollment, books, guidelines and other material will be sent to the student via courier service.

Diploma And Transcripts

Upon completion of all academic and financial requirements, our calligrapher will prepare an impressive diploma with Washington International University’s blue and gold seal affixed for each graduate. In addition to the diploma, each graduate will receive a sealed transcript.

All degree certificates are notarized by a government appointed notary.

Verification of graduation by employers or transcript requests will be sent free of charge, after the student signs an authorization to release the information.

Degree Granting Authority

Founded in 1994, Washington International University was created as a pioneer in its field, providing higher education degree programs which recognize the value of adult work experience and granting degrees to adult students who, as of today live and work in 148 countries around the world.

WIU is a private, non-traditional, non-campus, international distance learning cyber-university. Washington Educational Organization Inc. is the financial arm of the university. Combined, these two parts form a cyberbody working together in order to provide the best, most accessible education possible. The primary objective is to help an adult professional express ideas, increase intellectual curiosity, communication and research skills.

With this in mind, Washington International University prefers to be independent and free to choose what is appropriate and necessary to teach adults worldwide. Therefore, WIU has never applied for or received any government funds, nor has it ever sought accreditation. WIU graduates are recognized for their accomplishments in various businesses, industries, international organizations, NGO’s and governments around the world.

All of the Washington International University faculty have degrees from fine American Universities.

All Washington International University faculty members are experienced in distance education and are responsive and sensitive to the needs and requirements of adult students located in different parts of the world.

Washington International University’s degree programs are non-traditional. Just as we have requirements for acceptance of credits earned elsewhere, other universities, licensing boards and associations have their own policies concerning acceptance of college credits. These policies may differ from ours.

University's catalog display.

Career Development

For better employment prospects, along with your degree, Washington International University will arm you with a “Letter of Recommendation”.


Washington International University does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, national origin, religion or handicap.

Student Code Of Conduct

Washington International University students are expected to complete their own work in a timely manner. Any attempt to cheat, act dishonestly or help another student cheat or act dishonestly regarding exams, course assignments, thesis or any other means related to academic work will not be tolerated by WIU.

Refund Policy

Only a signed withdrawal letter delivered by the post office or a courier service is accepted. No withdrawal can be made via fax, e-mail or over the phone. Withdrawal from the day the tuition statement was prepared:

within 20 days 100% of total tuition is refunded
within 21 to 45 days 80% of total tuition is refunded
within 46 to 60 days 60% of total tuition is refunded
no refunds after 60 days.

Extension Policy

After 12 months, you can apply for a 3 month extension to continue your studies at no cost. After this, if you still have not completed your program requirements you can apply for the following extension:

1st Extension: 6 months duration - $300.00 2nd Extension: 3 months duration - $300.00

Communication And Past Due Policy

After the program starts, if we do not hear from a student for three consecutive months (90 days) or if the student’s payment is three months (90 days) past due, we will conclude that the student has dropped out of the program and close his/her file.

School Year And Holidays

Degree programs start 4 times a year: March, May, September and December. Each degree program is 12 months long.

The ACADEMIC staff of the university from time to time will not be available July through August and the last two weeks of December.