Questions & Answers

Does the degree certificate show that the degree was earned through distance learning?

No, it does not. We only issue standard degree certificates. It is NOT important how you completed your education - whether in a classroom or at your home!

Are Washington International University degrees attested for authenticity?

All Washington International University degrees are authenticated by the American Government in Washington, D.C.. Your official academic transcript will be attached to your degree certificate/diploma.

Do Washington International University graduates get better jobs or higher salary?

Frequently, we receive letters from our graduates informing us that they have "got a better job", received better pay or received a promotion!

Can work experience, training received, and courses I have completed be evaluated as academic credit towards my future studies at Washington International University?

Yes! Washington International University degree programs are designed for adults who deserve recognition of their work place achievements as academic credit!

How good is the faculty and are Washington International University degrees respected around the world?

Washington International University was founded in 1994 for the purpose of providing higher education and granting degrees to students who meet it's graduation requirements. Since 1994 we have had thousands of graduates! WIU graduates are recognized for their accomplishments in business, industry, international organizations, United Nations, and governments around the world! That is the best proof of respect and recognition of a Washington International University degree.

Washington International University faculty members are graduates of fine universities in the USA. They are experienced in teaching to an international student body that lives all over the world. You will be lucky enough to be a student of great minds.

When can I start my degree program?

You can start your studies immediately after your enrollment is accepted and partial tuition fees are paid.

How does Washington International University internet library work?

After enrollment we provide you with a password and you can visit this vast Reference Library any time you wish through your computer as long as you are a Washington International University student.

What is the next step?

Select the application you want to use for fast and easy enrollment:

OPTION 1: Online application for bank-to-bank wire transfer users
You are ready to enroll now. The online application is fast and easy, but requires an immediate payment for processing. Payment must be made within 48 hours.

OPTION 2: Print application
You don't have a credit card and you can't go to the bank to make the payment within 48 hours. You can print the application, follow the instructions on the third page and mail it with your deposit when you are ready.